Easy Color Palette Creation



Design for invitations, business cards, packaging, presentations, brochures, outdoor graphics … really doesn’t matter … all need color!


Somewhere during the course of every design process, and usually near the very beginning, is color selection. We’d like to share why we think what Adobe did with it’s color selection tool is genius.
First off, the UI (User Interface) is clean, intuitive and simple. A few minutes of playing around and you can be generating an endless array of color palettes. All correctly balanced, with five suggested colors correlated to the node you are manipulating. Simply drag the the node, and the entire palette shifts with it. You can even pull in an image file and pull color from it, then create a color cascade from that value.
When you arrive at a palette you’re happy with, each of the color builds are at the bottom. Just click on the color to highlight it. You can save the search too.
It’s much deeper than that though. There’s multiple YouTube instructional videos, some over an hour long. We take that to mean there’s a some depth to the tool.
However, what Adobe did that was really genius is that they gave it away. They created a “hook” that can be used over and over again, pulling you back into their brand.
So, the next time you need to pull some color together, Adobe’s Color Wheel is a great option.