A PDF or Paper?



An Assistant Professor at Columbia University recently did some research on learning and paper. The outcomes were surprising, especially for the new generations who may not have been subjected to writing, “I will no shoot spitballs at the chalkboard.” 100 times in a composition book!


  • Students that read on paper versus screens score better in comprehension tests.
  • Those that take notes on paper versus a laptop learn more from lectures.
  • Those that doodle on paper (versus sitting still) while listening to a recording performed better in memory tests.
The post from Two Sides America also goes on to debunk several myths about paper’s capability as a renewable resource.

A reply to USA Today: Not only is paper good for learning - it’s one of the most sustainable products around us!

Which do you prefer when learning? Reading from a screen, or holding paper?

How about taking notes? Key pad or scribbling?