Digital presses create new ways for blind and visually impaired people to experience reading.



A print shop in New Delhi has created a life changing innovation for the blind using HP Indigo and Scodix technologies. 


“With HP Digital Indigo printing combined with Scodix technology it is now possible to make images readable for the blind. It truly takes reproduction of images to another level. With layers of inks you can simulate the boundaries of a door, the shape of stairs, the form of a box, the wind over sails… ”
Francois Martin
Global Marketing Lead Graphics Solutions, HP


The combination of HP’s Indigo with Scodix inkjet braille have turned digital presses into braille printing equipment by printing one layer of ink on top of the other to create the highest quality braille titles. But think of the impact of now being able to provide the outline of a house, an elevation of a bridge, the shape of a leaf, or even the floor plan of an apartment to blind readers.


New Digital Technologies Open New Options for Blind Readers

What other images could be communicated for blind readers using this approach?