Print books remain much more popular than e-read options



More two-thirds of Americans read a printed book in 2016 — while only 28% read a book via e-reader or phone, and only 14% listened to an audio book.


“Despite a less-than-ideal environment—no breakout bestsellers on the adult fiction side and a lengthy, brutal election cycle that sucked nearly all of the air out of the cultural conversation—unit sales of print books were up 3.3% in 2016 over 2015.”
Jonathan Segura
Publishers Weekly


The Book Reading 2016 initiative by the PEW Research Center is truly deep and data rich. Be sure to check out the link below to see the entire report. A quick summary of the statistics presented therein combined with the Publisher’s Weekly reporting is clearly good news. Given that Americans who read books on tablets and cell phones has increased substantially since 2011 as e-reading remained steady, and book sales are up 3.3% — the only conclusion is that we as a nation are reading more!



Book Reading 2016

Print Book Sales Up In 2016

Are you reading more? Paper or screen display?