Hot Glue or Staples? 



Here’s the pros and cons for saddle-stitch and perfect binding, via a terrific and detailed overview from a self-proclaimed, San Francisco-based paper queen.  

Good news! Runway models aren’t the only ones wrestling with laying flat, bellying in the middle, looking more sophisticated, and trying not to creep.

“Then it hit me: the latest issue of Fine Arts magazine, the magazine for the fine arts museums of San Francisco, was somehow bulkier around the middle and didn’t look as sophisticated as it used to.


The difference: After years of perfect bound, coffee-table-worthy editions, I had received a saddled-stitched issue – a cheap imitation of its old self.”

Sabine Lenz, Founder, PaperSpecs


PaperSpecs is a paper consultancy that helps packaging professionals, designers, and publishers more artfully execute projects with paper!

Saddle Stitching vs. Perfect Binding