Building Cool Toys With Cool Toys

Also included: Toy video! See below.



When our marketing nerd decided we needed a visual metaphor to anchor a key web design theme (our passion for paper), it was an easy decision: Paper Airplanes. We do actually still play with paper airplanes. There, now you know. So, when this extremely cool paper airplane manufacturing project hit the radar we had to share. It not only incorporates our favorite paper toys, but also involves Legos. Hard to get much cooler than that!

“Legos, you know you play with them as a kid, but you never think of them in this kind of way.”

Arrow Electronics is a bleeding edge Aerospace, Defense, and Technology innovator. They are also viscously creative marketers. Apparently, if you do GREAT work, you get budget from the C-Suite to do stuff like this. The first video is the 1:00 final cut, be sure to have your speakers on becasue the audio track is just as engaging as watching a Lego machine build and launch a paper airplane! The next video is the backstory on the project, and it is indeed worth all 305 seconds of your attention.


And here’s the project profile piece …

OK, be honest. The Lego paper airplane building kit … do you want one?