A Romance Rekindled



I will never forget her. Those summers in Michigan on the lake. The way the wind blew through her hair as she sat in the bow of the boat. Her bronze skin, the smile, her big brown eyes sparking in the light of the setting sun. She was so beautiful. We were so in love … but our lives changed direction. Now what do we do? She is coming back and it is all new, but somehow completely familiar …

And, the same thing is happening with print!

Marketers are responding to a curious phenomenon. Just like what happened with most of our first loves, things changed. The green movement in the 90’s heralded the end of print and it’s assault on the nation’s forests. Now, we realize that old growth trees don’t make great pulp, and that every time a tree is harvested the ag businesses that supply that demand plant more. The digital age foresaw that printed pages would be rendered in RGB vs. CMYK. Half a decade ago catalogs were doomed, and suddenly they are again avante garde.

Perhaps it is only logical that people who stare at a computer screen all day at work don’t want to do that when they get home. Accordingly, print is galloping back into the limelight with marketers and publishers as they realize that the average branded magazine reader spends about 12X longer holding those paper pages as the online reader will engage with them via a computer screen.

“So I ask again, why can’t we let print go? Print is like a relationship, we keep going back to it for one reason only: the way it makes us feel. Every relationship we have, we are in because of some emotional connection.”

Andy Rogers, Print Consultant, Speaker, Trainer


Print is personal, and tactile, and still engaging. See the full article by Andy for more compelling reasons why consumers are falling in love with print again.


Why Everyone Is Falling In Love Wth Print Again