Back to Basics: Quality Control



Printing & Publishing industry analyst Heidi-Tolliver-Walker recently summarized a LinkedIn thread from the Print Production Professionals group. 

Her summary unearthed nothing we didn’t already know. However, it is timely, relevant, and spot on accurate as a collection of VOC (Voice Of the Customer) from those of us who have driven a print project in the ditch!

See the complete list of stuff you might want to be sure not to skip — via the link below.

“No. 2: Create a Checklist. No matter how often we’ve done something, a checklist makes sure that brain farts don’t ruin a print job.”

It is also to important to apply these best practices consistently because multiple failure modes increase the result of bad outcomes exponentially. Process control experts are all familiar with this basic concept, that states that if you increase the number of ways something can go wrong, the odds go way up that it will.

Ex. We skipped doing a laser proof after the second round of edits, the rep OK’d the color from a PDF on his phone, and the tinted varnish that wasn’t supposed to be tinted gave all the office worker stock photos a nice Ameri-Asian complexion. So, 5,000 16 page brochures for our new software client are headed for the recycling bin.


Avoiding the "Oops!"