What if your world …



suddenly got more colorful?

Many graphic arts professionals are guilty of taking their vision for granted. Having stood over 100’s of press forms myself, I can the see most minute shifts in a flesh tone. Designers can easily pick out the PMS spot color they spec’d vs. the CMYK build. We understand the nuances between RGB and CMYK, and we can see the difference. We can tell the red Easter egg from the green one.

But 1 in 12 men, and .05% of women don’t see what we do. Most who are colorblind have Red-Green or Blue-Yellow color blindness. Complete color blindness (monochromacy) is rare.

Enchrima graphic for color blindness.

Image compliments of enchroma.com. Graphic is linked for more information about enchroma’s technology.

Facts About Color Blindness – NEI

Berkeley, CA based Enchroma has recently rolled out an amazing technology that is changing the way many people see our world. The video link will make your day. It is a 66 year-old grandfather seeing color, as most of do, for the first time …

When color Is suddenly new!