Two-for-One on New Sales Staff at Woodland Paper



Woodland Paper is proud to announce the addition of their newest Account Executive(s). Well, if you see one without the other, you might not realize that the Wixom-based paper house just added two more professionals to the sales team.

Brett and Garrett Jewell are identical twins. And when we say “identical”; they are indeed a matched set. According to a co-worker, “If you see them alone, it’s safer to just say ‘Hey you’, because half the time you’re going to be wrong.”

In fact, they were even interviewed together. Woodland Paper CEO, Bob Sauer, joked that ‘interviewing them at the same time was efficient, but it also ruled out the possibility that there was really only one guy with a split personality’.

Working together is nothing new for the Jewell brothers. Both played baseball as left hand throwing switch hitters. They were even on the same line as hockey players. According to Brett – who is his sibling’s senior by only one minute:

“We did pretty well. Our parents always tried to keep us together, probably to make sure they did a lot less driving. But, we always knew where each other was on the ice, and that certainly helps when you’re trying to score goals.”

Brett and Garrett both played left wing and center as left-handers with right-handed sticks. The brothers also played football, soccer, and golf.

The twins throttled down their athletic pursuits after high school, but are still actively involved with youth sports as baseball umpires. According to Brett,

“Umpiring baseball is a way for us to kind of give something back. We get to teach and mentor kids about the game, sportsmanship, and the rules of baseball.”

They currently umpire for both youth leagues and the MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association).

Their new roles at Woodland Paper also validate the “apple falling near the tree” theory. Brett and Garrett’s father, Jerry, sells digital printing equipment for HP. He knew their new boss through the Detroit Club of Printing House Craftsmen, but the twins found the opportunity with Woodland Paper on their own.

Sauer went on to add,

“We’ve actually been considering the addition of some young blood to the sales team for some time. Paper sales is mostly an older demographic, and it is just fun to see these guys excited about it. We took them out to Finch Papers’ mill in Glens Falls, NY, to learn about the paper making process and they absorbed everything. They’re going to do great. We’re just disappointed that they each wanted their own salary!”

Garrett said,

“The mill tour was so cool. Paper machines are huge! While we were there, they were putting the roof back together because they put a new head box on the machine, and it had to be lowered through the roof by a crane.”

(Note: A Head Box is the front end of the paper machine that receives the pulp.)

So, if you’ve got a sheet fed or web offset paper requirement you’d like to discuss, feel free to ask for the twins. No guarantees on which one will be answering the phone, and you won’t know which of them really shows up for the meeting. But, it sure looks they’ll be fun to work with!