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Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Presses Ready for July Release


Benny Landa is a “G”. A “G” is what millennials refer to as a genius. Landa is known to most people, especially the one’s that may be reading this blog, as the father of the digital printing press. He is also the son of Polish holocaust survivors, and the recipient of an ADD-like education that involved such well-aligned subject matter as engineering, physics, literature, psychology, and film school.

He holds over 800 patents. He sold his startup Indigo, which created the multi-billion dollar digital printing market, to HP for a lot of money. Then his foundation put $50 million into Israel’s six universities. After selling the company, Landa and his R&D team discovered his latest technology disruptor while endeavoring to capture heat from air and convert it to energy. Such is a day in the life of a true visionary!

Benny also figured out that you can discover amazing things by looking at stuff in its absolute smallest format. Nanotechnology is the science of looking at small stuff, and then manipulating it to make new stuff. Sounds simple enough. But, let’s put it into context — here’s how small a nanometer really is:

“One nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick. If you compare the size of one nanometer to the diameter of a tennis ball, it would be like comparing the diameter of a soccer ball to the diameter of the Earth.”

Landa, who already had ink in his blood, began to experiment with the nanoparticles of ink. The result: NanoInk®. A vibrant new palette of pigments that delivers 30% more Pantone colors than CMYK. Plus, by adding CMYK – OGB, NanoInk can eclipse 96% of the Pantone library, virtually eliminating the need for spot colors.

Then there’s this, if you want to talk about something that gets most printers all ‘hot and bothered’. Look at this dot integrity:


NanoInk dot structure.


The new ink can be run at offset speeds, and prints on untreated, coated, or uncoated paper and virtually any plastic substrate.

With the invention of NanoInk in the rear-view mirror, Landa’s cadre of Ph.D.’s must have been bored, so they decided to come up with the fastest digital printing technology ever. In July, the company will begin shipping the first S10 Nanographic Printing Presses to three beta partners in Israel, North America, and Europe. The S10 will of course leverage the expanded color fidelity and broader color spectrum of NanoInk, and run at a blistering 13,000 sheets per hour (6,500 SPH in perfecting mode on the S10P).

The S10(P) Nanographic Printing Press is perfectly suited to fill the gap between digital sheetfed and offset for packaging, medium run folding carton, and promotional projects that require both high-quality and high-speed output. The company’s web press is also being readied for market. It will deliver single-sided 1200 dpi products, with a web width up to 41 inches, at 656 feet per minute on behalf of publishing, catalog, and direct mail printers.

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