The father of modern content marketing thinks it has.


And it appears poised to keep trending up …

And, not that you’ve noticed, but print magazines as a tactic for content marketers have been steady for the past couple of years (according to our research).  I believe we’ve hit a bottom in print’s decline as more marketers look to cut through the digital clutter with (what else?) print.

Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Institute

Print media hits rock bottom?

We follow Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. OK, we’re groupies. They built Cleveland’s Content Marketing Institute into the most robust collection of the content assets about content marketing. In the process they have also become leading influencers and thought leaders in the space. Their annual conference draws thousands of content marketing devotees, and regularly features key-note speakers like Kevin Spacey and John Cleese.

In December of 2016, Rose shared Five Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017. No. 5 was especially interesting, the tile was Print Resurgence. According to Pulizzi:

Takeaway: I expect a number of big brands to launch print magazines in 2017. The targeted, niche publications will complement some online component (but be valuable in and of themselves).

Last week, DMN (Direct Marketing News) ran the article 3 Reasons Paper Lives On, which echoed Pulizzi’s sentiments. According to the the Data and Marketing Association, direct mail has lipped about 1.9% per year for the since 2005. Yet, somehow the USPS reports the delivery 0f 10.6 million catalogs.

The author, William Terdoslavish, also pines about the fact that paper is tangible, it has texture, and it lasts longer in the recipients mind:

Indeed, this lag time offers longer engagement and more time for a piece’s message to sink in and generate a response. A study by the USPS found that people who viewed paper mail ads were more likely to have an emotional response one week after receiving the materials.

Again, Omni channel marketing is the new buzzword. But at the end of the day, digital marketers are simply warming back up to the fact that print is a great way to get buyers into the top of the purchasing funnel. Print drive clicks, and they’re better quality clicks. In the end, Pulizzi the ‘print prophet’s’  hypothesis is supported by digital marketers turning back to print to make their campaigns more effective.