Deeper connections, better absorption: Use print.

Print Power is a UK based pan-European organization that tracks the end-to-end print value chain. Really great content, except they keep misspelling “organisation” and “behavioural”!

Last month author Paul Simpson took an in-depth look at print, the impact of digital media on children’s brains, people who blamed their social problems on their internet use, and several other fascinating topics. Topics such as: What happens if you tear digital media out of the hands of a teenager.

“Removing screens from pre-teens for five days significantly improved their ability to read the emotions in human faces.”

Susan Greenfield, Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University

The article goes on to reference additional studies that show print is indeed kinder to our brains on multiple fronts, as well being more engaging with deeper and longer lasting impacts.

"Social websites harm children's brains,"