Should Software Run Your Business?

In a word, “Yes”! (See why via the video link below)


The printing industry is not the only vertical that continues to wrestle with this issue. I worked on a consulting project where it came to light that a pharmaceutical company had several legacy product formulations and related compliance data stored in spreadsheets on a supervisor’s computer. It was backed up, but the reporting was pulled manually every month, and was full of errors on audit.

Several months ago, retiring PIASC (Printing Industries Association of Southern California) president Robert Lindgren wrote about how important it was for printers to automate everything. Not just the back of the business, but sales and marketing too. According to Lindgren, the tools are out there, and the companies that use them enjoy significant competitive advantage.

Today, Print MIS (Management Information Systems) expert Jane Mungford, VP of Operations at web2print , summed up why software should run your business. She of course put it perspective with the caveat that ‘your people run the software’!

“Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss”

The Who

When the owner or management wants to get reports, it’s never as simple as running it from the one ERP system. Plus, the data that took hours to be pulled together by hand, is significantly more prone to error. The video is short (3:37 link below), and most of us will relate to real life failure modes like this:

“… that’s where people open up a drawer, and have a stack of Post-It notes and [say] this is the stuff that has shipped and not billed.”

 Worth thinking about!

People run software, but it should run your business.