Not that kind of “code”!

If your shop offers large format digital services, then knowing your local signage regulations puts you in a great position to add additional value for your customers. Just as commercial printers have developed expertise around the shifting sands of postal regulations to help customers optimize marketing campaign dollars, sign printers can help their customers steer clear of  complex zoning or permit processing problems with signs.

“Interior signage poses few problems, usually, but once you move outside, it can be remarkably easy to fall afoul of the ever-changing rules surrounding sign size and placement, which can be mandated by the Feds, or, more commonly, by state, county, and—especially—municipal authorities.”

Richard Romano, Section Editor/Senior Analyst, What They Think?

Knowing the local code issues for signs can also help mitigate customers service issues. After all, nothing strains a relationship like having a happy client receive notice that the new sign they just put will need to come down due to a permitting problems or a size and placement faux paus. Adding to the complexity is the fact that many municipalities hear some request or complaint requesting sign regulation changes at the majority of commission meetings.

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