Complicated multi-job campaigns require workflow management efficiencies.

Most large sheetfed and web printers are well down the runway with software MISs (Management Information Systems) deployed to streamline and optimize workflows. It’s not easy, but centralizing the company’s data eliminates repetition, lowers error rates, and increases operational efficiency.

Wide-format shops are not immune. Many are finding that the only way to stay competitive is to work smarter, and working smarter means managing the unique workflow considerations inherent to those who work with wider roll stocks that might not be made of paper. Among these needs is the ability to adjust easily to projects with multiple sizes, varying substrates, and special fulfillment processes or off-site installation.

“Cost per square foot is the basic estimator tool, however, shops need to account for time, labor, materials (both ink and media), electric, and don’t forget about waste,”

 David Conrad, Director of Sales and Marketing, Mutoh America, Inc


A few words on wide-format workflows ...