The New E-commerce Front-End Goes Live at Beta Sites


It’s all about automation baby!

After almost 12 months that included visioning, business and use case development, and most of 2017 in build out and testing, the Woodland Paper, Inc. online store has been soft-launched with select beta partners.

We are very excited about the store. It is a milestone moment in our 15 year Lean journey. As most of our customers know, we work hard at being Lean, and a cornerstone part of that is eliminating Non-Value Add activity. By automating our order entry and processing operations from end-to-end we create more time for our people to focus on adding value for our customers, and making it even easier to work with us.

Andy McLaughlin, President

The new store streamlines the ordering processes for customers by making it simple to navigate to the sheets they need. Hundreds of SKUs can be searched in a click or two. They can also be searched by category:

  • Coated Book & Cover
  • Uncoated Book & Cover
  • Digital Papers (both HP Indigo & Toner)
  • Graphical Board
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Synthetic Paper
  • Basis Weight
  • Sheet Width or Length
  • Caliper
  • Finish
  • Certification

Advanced search capabilities also include drop-down menus with dozens of criteria and keyword search.

Plus, orders are saved and can be cloned making reorder painlessly, and changes can be accommodated with a click. Because the orders move from the front-end of the system to back-end office systems in real-time, the interval between order entry and paper at the customer’s facility is even shorter. This is a big step forward in our ongoing quest to make Woodland Paper even easier to work with!

Another benefit is rich analytics and reporting, which allows us to track what sheets are being ordered, project inventory requirements more accurately, make sure we stock what we need to satisfy demand and qualify for the best pricing to pass along to customers.

The beta tests should be complete in the next few weeks, and we plan to make the Woodland Paper Online available to all of our customers this quarter.