And the data reviewed is its own 10.2% circulation gain!

January through June was the best first six months of a calendar year since the first HBR issue rolled off the presses 95 years ago. Strong renewals, and solid newsstand performance for the first two issues of 2017, and a robust digital campaign were cited as contributors to the record paid circulation rate (304,680).

But, did January’s magazine redesign, and its “premium reader experience”  also play a role.

“Our new products – from the redesigned magazine to the Big Idea – are delivering increasing value to an audience that has expanded enormously in just the past few years. Our most loyal fans are clearly pleased with the changes, and we’re bringing many new readers into the mix as well.”

Josh Macht, Executive Vice President, Product Innovation, and HBR Group Publisher

In addition to more than 300,000 paid subscribers, HBR.org receives over 6 million unique visitors a month.