Nanography in Rehovot?

In May we highlighted Benny Landa’s latest technology venture as it left the drawing board and prototyping to be installed at an Israeli printing and packaging company, Graphica Bezalel. 

By way of reintroduction, Benny Landa is arguably the father of digital print. and his latest endeavor involves making stochastic dots irrelevant. After all, much like the Chinese footwear designer would say about Mandarin women’s’ feet; They may be small, but why not make them smaller?”

Landa’s new press makes lots of little dots at 6,500 sph with makereadys that aren’t as long as you take to guzzle a cup of coffee.

When they started using the S10 with four colors, they proceeded to match the colors that the customer wanted,” he says. “So only with CMYK and with the setup time of digital – which is nothing – they succeeded to make this job. For them it was a big win.” 

Nachum KormanLanda VP & GM, Americas

And the 6,500 sph at 4/C metric is the beta machine. By the time the beta testing process wraps, the team plans to be doing 13,000 sph x 7/C! The new 7/C spectrum will cover 96% of Pantone’s library, and offer a 50% larger color footprint than CMYK.

Based on early results, nanography’s future appears to be brightly colored!

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