Things you would have sounded stupid saying way back in 2015: “Publishing will be a hot market for print this year!”

Of course, Packaged Foods remains atop its gilded perch as the high-demand sector for print according to PI, but Non-Newspaper Publishing makes the Top # Hot Markets for 2018. Really, it did! 

According to Printing Impressions. The irony is this …

“The major magazine publishers, “buying into” the print-is-dead irrationality, are destroying their own assets, opting too late into digital media and contrived events.”

Vincent Mallardi, CMC, Top 25 Hottest Markets for Printing 2018-2019

According to Mallardi, in spite of the above, the pendulum swing of ebook readers turning off LED screens, and new titles that reflect new social realities (+26%), will spur 3% growth in non-newspaper publishing.