New “Non-Digital” pledge campaign launched digitally (and in print).

AFAR, the destination for travel guides, inspiration and travel options (available online and in print), poses an interesting challenge.

“Why You Should Take the #TravelUnplugged Pledge

We’re all up in it. Virtually all are guilty now. Our immersive digital worlds are swallowing our attention spans faster than a tsunami.

AFAR writer Julia Cosgrove make s a compelling case for not just leaving your work at home when you travel, but ditching your devices, too.  Others are engaging in the challenge, as Senior editor Aislyn Greens is doing a “powered off” tour of the Swedish countryside with good old-fashioned paper maps.

Here’s the pledge:

“Commit to taking a trip between February 14 and September 3 and promise not to use your phone or your computer. The trip can be any duration, to any type of destination, but the idea is to truly disconnect from technology. Get a little lost on a trail, ride the rails, or simply head out for a day in your own hometown without a plan—or a phone.”

Author Cosgrove refers to it as, “A digital detox campaign.” AFAR’s site even has content about social media’s impact on not just your travel experiences, but how much you enjoy all life experiences.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash