Because packaging that gets touched gets purchased.


Both Soft-Touch and Hi-Rise textured coatings and finishings have shown that they are preferred by consumers, and in some cases, consumers indicate they will even pay more — at least as related to high-quality skin care products.

Trending Packaging is a very clever marketing front-end for Derprosa graphics arts films. That having been said, the following is absolutely accurate, even if in this case it is sales copy!

“In today’s competitive market, to be recognized and to stand out is tantamount to the success of a product. Therefore, careful attention should be given to product packages, from conception down to manufacturing. A high standard of packaging adds a greater value to how a product is perceived; thus, there is a need for eye-catching packaging that utilizes attractive design and a marked finishing effect. Although more sophisticated packaging entails higher cost and longer production time due to the complexity of methods and materials used, the returns are worth it.”

Not every product marketer can afford to drop their offerings into an iPhone quality box. But hopefully, most of us have had the feeling of opening a package that is designed to clearly communicate, “Hey, what’s in here … It’s really nice!”

Retail vs. Online Transactions

Turns out it doesn’t matter, as embellishments to packaging raise the brand’s perceived value for both brick and mortar and digital transactions. And we all know it’s true: That $75 e-bay perfume buy that arrived on the wife’s birthday already gift wrapped in that bubble stuff and the cheap shiny Scotch tape was underwhelming.

We could not find a controlled study online comparing a premium packaging application vs. the bubble/tape approach. But, we are reasonably confident that a beautifully printed reverse tuck-end box, maybe 4/C process with a bump color PMS, soft-touch coating with spot gloss on top on a that, and printed on a duplex 18 pt sheet so that the silver-lined inside of the box can be imaged too …

Even without a study, we’re thinking the potential PIA award-winning box design like the one on the right vs. the bubble-wrap and tape approach will be better received when ordered online.

It will also be handled more at retail. Both on the shelf, and at the register.

“… sometimes packaging embellishments — including foiling, embossing, debossing and specialty coatings — have such a large impact on the consumer, the packaging sells the product more than the product itself.”


Jeff Dieter, Director of Technicla Services, Diamond Packaging


Cover Photo by Julian O’hayon on Unsplash

Powering Perception with Packaging Embellishments