Print is Cool Again!


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The mid-November Saturday afternoon mailbox run at our house. Apparently, we never got the “catalogs are so 2007” memo.

Small and Mid-Sized businesses are finding that ink on paper has more impact than anything that lands in an email inbox.

After spending a significant chunk of professional years in the Operational Excellence sector, I came to always look at processes. These skills translate into marketing. Here’s the process at our house:

Catalogs are reviewed within a day or two of receipt.  If there is something that moves us to want to learn more, or purchase, the web becomes both the learn more option and the transactional mechanism.

“Print magazines are fading, more and more bills are paid online, and many brands have scaled back on printed catalogues, preferring to funnel resources into website upkeep and social media instead.

Chavie LieberChavie.Lieber@Vox.com

Blog cover image credit: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash