The Future Of Paper In A Digital Age

The luxury packaging market is on the rise. With a steady growth of 4.4 percent per year, it’s clear that premium packaging is here to stay. Packaging plays a large role in the perceived value of a particular product and areas like feel, appearance, and functionality all play an important role. Premium packaging involves many options to consider and choose from. Knowing which packaging to choose for which product can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at which packaging solution is right for you

Magnetic Packaging

Magnetic packaging is usually made from greyboard material and contains a magnetic, hinged lid. The beauty of magnetic packaging is found in the opening and closing of the package. As the lid of the box reaches the closed position, the magnet kicks in and the lid auto closes. This makes the packaging feel safe and secure. Magnetic packaging is great option for gift sets, stationary, as well as for collectable items and books.

Two-Piece Packaging

Two-piece packaging offers a tactile opening experience. Apple has made two-piece packaging famous with its iPhone packaging. A two-piece box design is constructed to fit extremely snug. The two-piece box is literally held together by friction. The result is that as you lift the top piece of the packaging, the bottom piece tends to slide out slowly allowing for a slow reveal. This type of packaging works well for electronic devices as well as for items of value since the packaging is strong and durable.

Soft-Touch Packaging

packaging layoutSoft-touch packaging often goes hand-in-hand with two-piece packaging. Soft-touch is an extremely tactile packaging solution and has a way of making people want to touch the packaging. Soft-touch packaging carries a sophistication about it and is a great option for skin care products, electronics, gifts, perfumes, cologne’s, and many other luxury items. The smooth tactile sensation of soft-touch makes this packaging solution very desirable. Plus, soft-touch can be combined with spot high-gloss finishes to create dramatic contrasts.

Drawer-Style Packaging

This is exactly as its name suggests. The packaging creates the element of suspense by allowing for a drawer to be slid out to present the product within. Drawer-style packaging is generally made from rigid chipboard. Its usual rectangular shape gives it added strength. Drawer packages are great for packing cosmetics and electronics.

Collapsible Packaging

These boxes contain the same elements as magnetic boxes, but differ in that they are able to be flattened. Collapsible packaging is generally made from greyboard and is somewhat cost effective. It also offers an easy storage solution and it can be flattened easily. Collapsible packaging is best suited for large volume orders as the expense is kept low and storage space is not essential.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging can be really creative and will help to set you apart from competitors. The design and shape can be creatively decided on and products are given a unique edge. This is where packaging becomes an art form and the sky is the limit. Paperboard is often used in custom packaging. This is because its lightweight and can easily be cut and manipulated into various shapes and designs. Be aware that custom packaging does tend to be more expensive and it’s best to make a lower quantity of orders in order to curb the cost.

Premium packaging is an exciting arena as it helps to emphasize value and importance on a particular product. It also allows one to be creative around the packaging design process. Be sure to use a professional paper supplier like Woodland Paper—a reputable and professional paper supply company that prides themselves in top-quality service and nation-wide deliveries. Let us help you choose the best paper solutions for your packaging needs!