Welcome to Paper 101!

The modules are listed below (6 modules – plus a short History of Paper Overview). It is suggested that they be viewed in order, as some of the terminology and foundational concepts build upon each other. But, skipping ahead if a particular module is of immediate interest is absolutely OK.

Whether you are a graphic arts professional, a student, or just interested in paper – we hope you enjoy the course.

Module 1- Introduction

A quick overview of what to expect from Paper 101, including the topics we’ll be covering!

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Module 1- Addendum: A Brief History of Paper

From Papyrus, to bamboo, to paper, to parchment. A short story about the history of something to write on and print with!

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Module 2 - Basic Weights & Basic Sizes for Paper

A look at the sometimes confusing topic of weights and measures for paper, in the simplest format we could come up with. Includes standard size and weight charts.

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Module 3 - Paper Manufacturing

From renewable forest resources, to chips, to pulp, to the headbox of the incredible machines that make paper.

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Module 4 - Calendaring, Coatings & Finishes

Calendaring, Coatings & Finishes takes a look at the processes and techniques used to make a sheet’s surface behave as intended.

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Module 5 - Other Paper Properties

Whiteness vs. brightness, strength – burst, fold, tear, tensile … and the common tests and sheet ratings used today. All are covered in this module!

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Module 6 - Renewable Certifications

Last but not least, a quick at look how paper and forestry operations are managing environmental stewardship, and monitoring the end-to-end supply chain for paper.

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